Caffè Gentili is a fast, dynamic and genuine company and it has always stood out for the high quality of its products.

We have always favoured the quality of products and we have never accepted the compromises that certainly turn up in business, which is now bearing the expected fruit.

Michele and Eleonora make an excellent team and are dedicated to their job. These characteristics made it possible to create a coffee line which is much more than a simple global product and it is a tangible proof that Caffè Gentili has achieved a seemingly unattainable goal: being unique, for better or for worse.


We thank in particular those who followed us up until now, those who believed in us when many did not even consider Caffè Gentili. We want to show also those who do not know us yet the passion and love message that we put in our work every day.

Caffè Gentili is a contemporary business that draws inspiration from world cities, the new capitals of taste and innovation.